Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked question from our clients.

1. Will I have a say in what tenant is placed in my property?

Absolutely! Once we receive a tenant application, we will contact you to review the details of the application with you. In the case of multiple applications, we will assist in deciding in which tenant may be best.

2. How will I know the rent has been deposited?

You will receive a monthly statement showing the amount deposited directly into your account.

3. Will I get notified of any work being done to the property?

Your management contract states that other than wear and tear (up to a certain amount), will be automatically taken care of. Should the amount of work be more substantial, you will be notified prior to any work being done on your property.

4. I have multiple properties, can I receive a discount on your management fee if you manage multiple properties for me?

On a case by case basis, we would love to work with you. Feel free to email us or contact us with details and we would happy to work with you.